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Organic Search Only

We believe it’s best to do one thing really, really well.

We are the ONLY specialist organic search company in the UK that offers affordable SEO services that succeed. We have the digital skills and the technology to offer our clients sustained organic search traffic, increased lead generation / conversion and an internet presence that can far outweigh their competitors. Our clients enjoy a very different experience from other SEO Companies. Available on a contract or freelance basis.

Advanced Link Building

future proof, safe & effective with proven results

"Google friendly, strong domain authority with a high trust rate, on theme and future proof are all prerequisites. Increased Traffic: All clients have access to these sites' link juice, advertising and web traffic (14,000,000 pa)

Benedict is an five strong team who work out of a tech centre in Wimbledon London SW19. We have a low number of clients and a high success rate. We are an extremely helpful businesses that thrives on challenge and outputs work of the highest SEO, design or code quality.

We do not undertake PPC campaigns nor do we overtly advocate social media marketing or irrelevant blogging. We have the confidence, knowledge and skillset for all of your SEO requires. See SEO services.

All of our consultants have gone through rigorous training and actively participate in our research programmes each with their own individual field of expertise.

One of the most important parts of our SEO company is research. We 'research search' and pass on the benefits of our findings on to our clients. We are known in the UK industry as the most progressive link building service provider.

We are a B2C / B2B search company

We can do anything - you are only restricted by your imagination At Benedict we encourage our clients to scale up.

We like to think on an industrial scale. It is not necessary to rely on a single website, when it is possible and affordable to create an internet presence that will rival all your competitors rolled into one.

This might include content strategies, ecommerce sites with additional product, aged domains with topical providence, micro sites geared toward gaining traffic from a single key phrase, geo targeted pages (keyword + location), international sites, Facebook pages, Tweets etc.

We are a B2C / B2B search company that specialises in generating traffic from Google searches, via a collection of techniques that are by far the most advanced currently available on the market. More about Benedict. "We partner with your company to develop a genuine and deserved Google ranking, helping your core digital presence generate increased traffic."

An SEO Consultant that is creative and technologically expert, interested?

An SEO Consultant that is creative and technologically expert, interested?

We are an award winning and renowned team of SEOs, Web Designers, Developers and Content Writers led by the UK's leading Search Consultant Benedict. We have concrete proof of SEO success.

We combine carefully tried and tested SEO techniques with innovative and creative internet strategies that convert into increased revenue.

Specialist SEO services

Your online success in the hands of qualified professionals

An online marketing department if you don't have one, additional expertise if you do. Our SEO Company encompasses all services, from content and optimisation to ecommerce and user experience optimisation.

Clients are confident to let us take responsibility for traffic / sales generation leaving them free to run their businesses.

The most advanced Link Building Service worldwide

The most advanced Link Building Service worldwide

Strong MOZ domain authority, PA, Majestic trust / citation score, on theme surrounded by well written anchor text supporting content and future proof are prerequisites.

We have access or know where to find the most effective backlinks that are both real and effective.

Don't believe us, then take a trial and let us show you.


Researching Search

Researching Search

One of the major contributing factors to Benedict's success is research - before commencing any new strategy, We have an "every idea is valid - nothing is wrong or right approach.

" We create websites for fun. We test new findings and go against the grain of most current SEO thinking. For example their is no blog on this site or news. Interested to know why our clients are not asked to write endless posts or articles?

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"Don't believe anything we say, till we can prove it"

About: Core Beliefs

We say to our clients that if you want to work with organic search, then you have to play the Google game. More.

We are not talking about black hat SEO or white hat techniques; we are talking about presenting the most up-to-date, intriguing, searchable and findable digital information, presented in a user-friendly environment that your new customers can rely on, really use and benefit from (and buy from!)

Which strategy is best for your business?

Which strategy is best for your business can be started by asking the questions "what does success look like", what are you trying to achieve, what is your revenue target, is organic search or traffic from social media channels adequate to generate the necessary conversions? We then translate these aspirations into search traffic numbers and a strategy to achieve them. More.

One way of explaining what we do at Benedict is by referring to SEO as translating a client's information into a format that Google rewards with a high position and hence traffic. Our research is not looking for tricks or coding manipulations. We respect Google.

10 hours consultancy £1200

10 hours consultancy £1200.00

Suitable for larger scale websites, complex Search Engine issues or highly competitive online segments. This is carried out by an experienced consultant who know exactly what he is talking about. Call London 020 8405 6418. (33% off new clients only). Click here.

£120 per hour, work often revolved around what has been done, what needs doing and how to fix SEO issues, whilst forming a new strategy for moving a website forward in terms of user flow and organic search traffic.

Link Building trial £399

Link Building trial £699

From £699 inc. Take a link building trial and see why we have worked with most of the larger SEO agencies.

The content we create and the link strength we generate can add 38% increases in web traffic. (Average 26 campaigns Jun 2016). Click here.

SEO packages

SEO packages

Effective SEO services, transparently package so you know exactly what your are buying. Click here for prices.

All of our campaigns are focused on organic search traffic from Google. All campaigns are managed by a senior consultant with teams tasked at following out instructions.

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