What is Strategic Link Building?

Strategic Link Building that yields high SERPS

If you have been hit by Penguin or Panda, link building can seem more of a process of link removing or link disavowing. The difficulty in removing links is that in a sense it is an admission of guilt that you bought / paid someone to create the link for you and were in fact going against Google rules.


  • Help: Back links are links from other websites to your own and can be in word form (anchor text) or image. It is not the quantity of back links but Google's trust score of the linking site that influences your rank or position in a Google search. Read more about link profiling for more information on back links or click here for anchor text
  • Once you begin the process and ask Google for a reinclusion, you are in fact now 'guilty by your own omission' and could see your site fall further in the rankings.
  • Disavowing links is a service that Google has offered since Oct 2012. Unfortunately this system is a drain on Google resources and not a revenue generator, so in our experience it is wrong to expect much to happen in the near future. SEOs who claim they can get your site back ranking asap are perhaps being optimistic.
  • Another strategy that has future proofing built in could be considered. One such method for reducing the effects of a penalty or to reverse a process where a business finds its website falling in Google's rankings is to build better links that avoid blogs, directories and press release sites all together. All of Benedict link building is ethical and as white hat and future proof as we can make it.


Exactly how we do this is not for public consumption, as we have spent years developing a system that can achieve this "bad link" dilution. Please call 020 8405 6418 and we will gladly explain costs and timescales.

All except one of our clients have BENEFITED from Google's updates. We see Google changes well in advance as we have thousands of websites on four Continents. You would expect this from "search experts", after all it is our job.

we can safely release our data on link building & effective backlink as no other SEO Company is in agreement. however our clients are very pleased...

There are two types of backlinks. SEO links and traffic links. SEO links are placed to improve organic search listings, links such as advertisements are designed to gain user traffic.

Whilst we rarely publish our search research we can safely release our research data on link building and effective backlink as no other SEO Company in the world is in agreement. Does this make us right?

Are we the only company to research 'SEARCH'?

That links on theme are more beneficial, and links surrounded by relevant copy even more so. Unfortunately, this is not true. see themed links. What we can tell you is that our link building strategies are vastly superior to any of our competitors. Not convinced, take a trail, test drive what we can do for you and prepared to be amazed.

If we don't know what makes an 'effective back link then no one does

Not all links are created equal. You have heard the links from high page rank websites, are more preferable to low page rank websites. That links on theme are more beneficial, and links surrounded by relevant copy even more so. Unfortunately, this is not true.

We have over 3000 websites encompassing over 1,550,000 pages. We have built links to over 213,000 websites and monitored the changes for over 50,000 independent websites. If we don't know what makes an effective link then no one does.

What is clear is that page rank as a concept is outdated or largely bypassed by Google's algorithm. However some of the strongest linking websites turned out to be zero page rank. Theme was also largely irrelevant from an SEO link point of view.

Surrounding a link with the relevant copy, bolding the word or adding an H1 tag was also irrelevant until the latest Penguin updates which have throw the light back onto the use of language, synonyms etc.

In our Link building research we have also studied thousands of websites where submitting a link is possible, these include DMOZ, Google +, and numerous web directories, and literally thousands of blogging sites.

Over four years we created a database of over 109,000 websites outside of our ownership where adding a link would create a positive result in Google. Our research is available to all our clients. One thing it has removed is the necessity to create endless blogs and write meaningless articles, on topic, invariably paid submission and often 99.9% ineffectual.

More on link profilingWe meet other SEO consultants who strongly disagree with our research findings, we ask them simply how do you know that?

When they suggest that SEO links have to beyond the or that links offer page rank five website will be superior to links off a page rank three website.

What becomes abundantly clear is that there is a herd mentality, that has little to do with SEO reality and has more to do with people who have jumped on the search engine optimisation bandwagon. No other SEO agency from the big to the small undertake any research whatsoever and seem to merely read the Matt Cutts of the world, who whilst talented is in reality a PR mouthpiece for Google.

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The alternative is order a three month link building trial and find out for yourselves why we are the UK's number one link builder and see real time evidence show why we are the cutting edge SEO Company in the UK.

Link Building News

Google UK states that to gain higher rankings in its index, your website requires links from other high quality websites. The UK SEO community is in agreement that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future in 2015. see Google and Links.

Link Building Strategy

Link building strategies fall broadly into three categories: See implementing a link building campaign. Links that form part of an overall network of client websites and funnel traffic into the main corporate website . see global intranet

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Where to start your campaignOne possible place to start is to telephone and ask for some feedback on your current SEO. All calls are put through to a senior consultant and the first hour is absolutely FREE.

What we often produce afterwards if appropriate is an analysis of: a) where they are now, b) how they got there and c) what improvements can be made moving forward. There is no charge and no obligation. See example report or click here for more about where to make a START.

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All of the optimisation techniques that will be employed by Benedict during the project have been researched, tried and tested, and comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Sister Company VC LondonAll changes recommended to a site will have no negative impact on the user experience or risk a Google penalty. We see it as our role to offer ideas to a client to select from and then to implement those that are productive & COMMERCIALLY workable.

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Best Practise

Please note all of the work we undertake for a client uses "best practices" andwhite hat methods. It is undertaken by experienced and qualified technicians Our rules are carefully set out as a legal obligation we have to all clients in our terms and conditions and contracts.

Proven track record

As we do not control Google, it is not possible to predict the preciseProven track record ROIs, however similar campaigns for other UK Business websites have produced dramatic results, including numerous cases where target keywords have reached a high position in Google from positions outside the top 100 within weeks not months..

Benedict are uniquely placed to advise businesses on SEO, due to 13 years experience in search and the wealth of information from our own 5500 websites.

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