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We offer a Google penalty removal service. We have been very successful in the past removing Manual Webspam actions within a period of 12 weeks, however please note there are no guarantees and we do not accept every website
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May I take this opportunity to welcome you on board? You will be in good company. Our clients include businesses which been in existence for over 200 years, large-scale e-commerce websites, and a number of businesses that require specialist SEO knowledge to compete for highly competitive keywords.



Top Questions we are asked

We are have listed a number of questions we have been asked recently that you might find useful. FAQs


we have noticed that a few companies are offering a guaranteed results service or money back and they will work for free. read about our guarantees

"Probably the best Digital Marketing Consultant currently..., not only did he over deliver, his ideas and concepts were so different to other SEOs we met with. His team is outstanding" D Harrington CPUK 2013

"One of the UK's top Google Consultants...." DDL (2014)


Advanced SEO

All of the SEO techniques that will be employed by Benedict© during the project have been researched, tried and tested, and comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

All changes recommended to a site will have no negative impact on the user experience> However, we Sister Companyare aware that not all SEO ideas are attractive commercially. We see it as our role to offer ideas to a client to select from and then to implement those that are productive & workable.

What are people searching for today?

Google gives us the information on the "hot searches of the day" with this neat tool.

Best Practise

Please note all of the work we undertake for a client uses "best practices" and Best practises white hat methods of SEO. It is undertaken by experienced and qualified technicians Our rules are carefully set out as a legal obligation we have to all clients in our terms and conditions.

Proven track record

As we do not control Google, it is not possible to predict the preciseProven track record effects of SEO, however similar campaigns for other UK Business websites have produced dramatic results, including numerous cases where target keywords have reached a high position in Google from positions outside the top 100 within weeks not months.

Benedict© are uniquely placed to advise businesses on SEO, due to 14 yearsSEO experience and the wealth of information from our own 3500 websites.

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Find out more on how Benedict© can help you achieve your revenue targets please telephone or email.  

Tel: 020 8405 6418

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SEO Costs Calculator to help determine your required budgets interested?

SEO Costs Calculator

Please select your core keyword and type into the box. Our calculator will then query Google and Bing to create an average number of websites that are competing for a #1 position. Then the system will give you an estimate monthly price.

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If the price is affordable perhaps the next stage is to contact Benedict© on 020 8405 6418 or click here to email us.


Please note our SEO cost calculator is only meant to give an estimate and forms no part of any contract with Benedict©.



Free initial SEO Consultation

Where to start your campaignOne possible place to start is to telephone and ask for some feedback on your current SEO. All calls are put through to a senior consultant and the first hour is absolutely FREE.

What we often produce afterwards if appropriate is an analysis of: a) where they are now, b) how the got there and c) what improvements can be made moving forward. There is no charge and no obligation. See example report or click here for more about where to make a START.

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Reviewed by Client "Benedict©" they took our site onto the first page for "chocolate" and at one point we were beating Thortons. Good company that offered a more natural way to promote our website 5.0/5.0. More SEO Reviews


Reviewed by Client Andrew T writes... "Excellent work as always Vanilla Circus and Benedict© are at the top of their game. We are in our third year of using VC and our websites are always on the first page without fail."4.5/5.0 More Reviews

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With the focus on generating traffic and revenue for clients Benedict© is continuing to enjoy SEO success in a crowded market.
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